As Golf Chemistry we ensure the continuation of the production and the variety; we adopt as the most basic policy of our company to protect our common future and to ensure the sustainable production by making it more liveable. Thus, we can explain our understanding of sustainability firstly by protecting the environment and by supporting the social and the economical developments.

Use of the Finest Tin and Recyclable Plastics for the Environment

Our health and a liveable world perception is getting more and more threatened every day due to the increase of the carbon emissions and the environmental waste with each passing day. Therefore, we as Golf Chemistry, support the use of thinned tin and recyclable plastics with our understanding of minimum waste in the production.

Thanks to this we reduce our annual carbon footprint at a level of 15%.

Subsidizing the Welfare of the Society with the Economy

Beside the environmental supports, contributing to the economy in a “right” way is one of the building blocks of our sustainability policy. In this context, the income transparency, innovation, and R &D are prioritizing the energy and the waste savings and we are trying to do our best to work for the welfare of the society.

Focusing on the Social Development

Golf Chemistry, which always is focused on people, continues to contribute devotedly to the employment in the country with the intention to contribute in every respect to the social developments in the society and by observing the business ethics-compliance and the employees’ rights within the company.

Our Certificates

Certificates and the Test Certificates of the Products