Our HR Policy

The Human Resources Policy of Golf Chemistry has been determined based on the following items:

  • Work processes are always carried out in accordance with the rights of the employees and the laws.
  • The employees and the employer remain true to the principles of honesty regarding their mutual responsibilities.
  • A course of action is being applied in accordance with the laws without any discrimination against anyone.
  • The science and the knowledge are valued.
  • Since it is believed that our business will improve with the employees’ feedback, we are open to all opinions and criticism.
  • The employees are enabled to think freely.
  • It is shown that everyone's opinion is considered important and taken into account.
  • The importance is given to the personal development of the employees, their development is planned and the results are measured.
  • A friendly working environment is provided where employees can work comfortably but unselfishly.
  • A qualified performance assessment is done, and the success is rewarded.

We invite all those who wish to add value to our company and adopt our HR policy to be included in the application process through our career form.

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