Contracting Manufacturing

Contract Cosmetic Manufacturing

Golf Kimya is a manufacturing company which takes part in all the global cosmetic exhibitions as an exhibitor with its cosmetic production plant  located in Turkey which includes all the manufacturing steps within itself and with its professional team which has a handle on all of the operational processes in the sector. Golg Kimya has been carrying a contract cosmetic manufacturing in many different product groups thanks to its experience in the chemistry field and its facilities of high production capacity.

As the leader cosmetic producer in the sector, it renders services to its customer portfolio in a wide range which includes the best cosmetic brands in the world as well. Golf Kimya, which is the first choice of the global investors that wish to have private label – contract cosmetic manufacturing made in Turkey,  offers its own products of Golf Cosmetics brand to the market thanks to its high production capability and plays an active part in the sector with a strong Turkish cosmetic brand image.