Production Stages

Formulation Development

Our R&D team, if required, makes changes and developments in the formulation and this process continues until the customer satisfaction is achieved.


We have been working in order to offer you the best and the fastest service with our high technology Aerosol and Liktit (Liquid) filling machines, which has a filling capacity of daily 100.000 and 60.000 pieces.

Quality Control

We ensure that the best quality products are being prepared for our customers by making the necessary controls by our quality control team during the production time.

Packaging and Logistics

After the final approvals, the products, the production of which have been completed, are being packaged according to your orders and their shipment to the relevant persons/institutions are being ensured.


Contract Manufacturing

A Comprehensive Meeting About Your Project

First of all we would like to know your project plan comprehensively on the matters of the product's design, formulation, purchase quantities, production time, etc. of the product you have demanded.

Certification and Analyses

All the mandatory certificates and the analyses shall be prepared in advance or during the manufacturing process.

Design and Visualization

The design of the ordered products can be perfected by our design department or they can be made anew for you in a unique way.

Research and Development

The formulation that you have demanded shall be developed special for you. 

Sample Tests

You may test your sample products after the design and the formulation approvals.

Production Process

The production process is being started after the sample approval.

Packaging and Logistics

Your products shall be packaged according to the parcels that you have preferred and shall be shipped to you. Finally, your mandatory export certificates shall be prepared and shall be sent as hard copies and electronic copies.

Our Certificates


Our Brands

Having planned all the stages in accordance with the World stand ads during our efficiency-fixated production process, we have been approving the quality of our products manufactured by us both with the trust and the continuity of our leader customers in the sector and with our certificates.