About Us

Unver Group has started their own business in Tahtakale which is the center of the trade in 1982.
We had continued the suitcase trade which was highly demanded until the late 80s. Thanks to acquired experiences from the previous trades, we have shifted our direction to exportation towards to Balkans and Eastern bloc countries during the 90s. After than, our company has started exporting of imported goods , has taken on an identity of a truly international . Unver, the Group entered into a new formation with increasing export capacity by establishing a company in Macdonia in 1996 which has increased international activity .
Additionally, in order to produce more efficient and effective solutions in international transport;Afra Foreign Trade. and International had been established .Than  a new brand company has been set up in Bosnia in 1996, which has procvided more effectivtiy for the international operations in the region.By 2008,with the Golf Cosmetics title filling facilty starts to operation until today.
Golf Cosmetics has the latest technology machines and production line. Significant market share in the domestic market and international markets , our company as of today in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, more than 40 countries , mainly exporting to the proud .